tutor doctor doesn’t have to be so hard.

As Tutor Doctor franchisees, we know one thing: it’s hard to make money while doing work we believe in. I’ve found a way to help my families AND profit AND scale, and I want to share it with you. With Test Prep Pros you will:

  • Build a wildly profitable test prep offering with step-by-step guidance from an expert
  • Enjoy the highest margins in academic services
  • Make a true impact on your families by becoming a multi-year partner

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Test Prep Pros!

Test Prep Pros is an open-the-box business development program enabling you to capitalize on the BOOMING test prep market. Created for Tutor Doctor franchisees by a Tutor Doctor franchisee, this comprehensive program will help you transform your business’ sales and margins. You will:

Gain a world-class knowledge on test prep

Build a highly profitable test prep offering through a proven formula, ready-to-go resources, and community

Generate sales and leads through the strategies and templates that earned Jen $100k in first-year sales

Scale your business through tutor recruitment and onboarding

Book your first client fast and watch as the program pays for itself and opens up a new world of revenue

Attention: This Is Not ‘Just a Curriculum’

This is a 4-Step Program for Busy Tutor Doctor Franchisees to Unlock a Highly Profitable, New Revenue Stream.

Learn to Market, Sell, and Deliver World-Class Test Prep Programs from an Expert. 

What’s Included In Test Prep Pros?

EXACTLY what a busy Tutor Doctor owner needs to unlock a powerful new revenue stream

Knowledge: 8 E-Learning Modules So You Can Become an Expert In All Things Test Prep

8 targeted and interactive E-Learning modules with quizzes, activities, and certification. Everything you need to become a test prep expert and prepare your business for growth.

Business Builder: 8 Step-By-Step Action Plans To Immediately Build Your Business Foundation

Instantly apply your learnings. Follow a proven formula (exactly how Jen reached $100,000 in first-year sales) to build your business the most efficient way with 8 in-depth Action Plans.

Launch Toolkits: Full Templates & Strategies To Get You $$$ and Leads

Access step-by-step plans and literally everything you need to launch campaigns and close sales. Toolkits include: Consultation pack, Small Group Instruction, SAT/ACT practice tests, School and Sports Partnerships, Social Media Posts & Calendar, and Lead Generating Seminar Presentations.

Power To Scale: Test Prep Tutor Training (Optional Add-On for $25)

An optional add-on e-learning program for the extremely affordable price of $25. This will train your tutors to hit the ground running as test pre-coaches in less than three hours. They’ll gain expertise on the test, scoring, goal-setting, lesson planning, curriculum-use, and much more.

Oh, And Bonuses: 2 Hours FREE Consulting, Money Back Guarantee, and Mastermind Facebook Community

We genuinely want you to succeed with this program. So we’re putting our time AND money where our mouth is. You’ll have time to ask Jen questions face-to-face and a mastermind community to share learnings. AND it’s 100% NO RISK to you with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How Does Test Prep Pros Work?

You’ll grow your Tutor Doctor sales in four steps. See below for a complete program breakdown and walkthrough videos.


Gain world-class Test Prep knowledge with 3 hours of interactive, expert-level content.

8 Comprehensive and Interactive e-learning modules give you the in-depth knowledge you need to become a true test prep expert. The modules feature downloadable course workbooks, guided activities, interactive quizzes, and a culminating certification to improve your confidence and credibility. 
What You Will Learn

✅ College Admissions 101

✅ Admissions Tests 101

✅ Test Prep in Your Local Market

✅ Designing a World Class Test Prep Program

✅ The Consultation: 4x Your Sales

✅ Marketing Your Test Prep Offering

✅ Recruitment, Onboarding, and Hiring

✅ Guerrilla Lead Generation


Complete STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLANS proven to build your business the right way.

There’s two things we know as Tutor Doctor owners: 1) we’re busy and 2) learning is nothing without action. In this crucial step, we’ll guide you with manageable action steps to prepare you for a huge boost in sales. No stress, no uncertainty…These steps will help you apply your learnings as you go in the most efficient way possible. No wondering where to start. Whether you’re completely new to test prep or a seasoned seller, the action plans will help you build and fine-tune your fully profitable offering. All you need to do is follow our step-by-step instructions and customize the ready-to-go tools!
The Action Plans Breakdown (Your Key to Getting Started)

✅ Local market research action plans and spreadsheets

✅ Pricing and budget worksheets for your market

✅ Pre-designed marketing calendars and plans

✅ Tutor Doctor branded marketing materials: postcards, fliers, and social media

✅ Web page templates to customize for your specific campaigns with one quick call

✅ Pre-designed email templates for client outreach and care

✅ Ready to go tutor recruitment ads, interview guides, and onboarding plans

✅ Much, much more


USE OUR READY-TO-LAUNCH TEMPLATES and STRATEGIES TO crush consultations, earn sales, and automate your marketing.

This is the magic of the Test Prep Pros program. At this stage, most programs would leave you to your own devices. With Test Prep Pros, we have pre-made, ready-to-send marketing materials and lead-generation tactics to help you earn sales immediately. We want you to earn ROI with this program. Have a question as you’re moving forward? No problem – you have 2 FREE hours of consulting with Jen Rosier.
The Launch Toolkits (Your Keys to FAST Growth)

✅ SAT/ACT Practice Test Toolkit

✅ Small Group Toolkit

✅ School Partnerships Toolkit

✅ Sports Partnerships Toolkit

✅ Complete Resource Library featuring more than 100 templates, client-facing marketing materials, social media marketing posts, presentations, and how-to videos.

✅ Consultation Toolkit



scale your test prep offering with our additional TUTOR RECRUITMENT & ONBOARDING program (only $25 PER USER)

The optional PrepExperts: Tutor Training Program provides an easy way to get your potential test prep coaches up to speed. In this fully self service e-learning program, Jen taps into her 25 years as a test prep coach to outline the most critical knowledge and strategies for successful test prep experts. And, learners will have access to ongoing support through monthly Q and A webinars and a Resource Library.
What’s Included:

✅ College Admissions Trends and the Use of Exams

✅ Overview of Admissions Exams

✅ SAT and ACT Deep Dive: Structure, Format, and Scoring

✅ SAT vs. ACT: You Can Teach Both

✅ Scoring and Score Use

✅ Effective Goal-setting

✅ Use of Curriculum

✅ Components of a Success Test Prep Program

✅ Anatomy of a First Lesson

✅ Scoring and Score Us

✅ Anatomy of a First Lesson

✅ Homework and Lesson Planning

✅ Tips for Managing Pace and Anxiety

✅ A Resource Library of Reference Materials


Meet Your Instructor, Test Prep Expert:

Jen rosier

Jen Rosier has been delivering best-in-class SAT/ACT test prep services to thousands of students for the past 27 years.

PrepU owner and Founder Jen Rosier is also a Tutor Doctor franchisee in the Boston area.  As a seasoned college admissions consultant and test prep expert, Jen has devoted her 25 year career to helping families navigate the college admissions testing and admissions process.

Author of the SAT Reading and Writing Guide, Jen and her team have helped more than 10,000 students improve their test scores and gain entrance to the colleges of their dreams and earn more than $20 million in scholarships. She has also personally trained more than 65 test prep coaches. Jen is frequently quoted and is a guest blogger on numerous international college admissions sites, and is a frequent lecturer at high schools, community groups, and professional associations.

Jen’s Experience

Students Served

First Year sales

Years in Business

You Will Learn From the Best

Jen Rosier is a leader in SAT/ACT test prep instruction and college admissions. And, as a Tutor Doctor owner, she truly wants you to become more profitable.

Don’t Just Take It From Us.

Real Students, Real Tutor Doctor Owners, Real Results:

"This is the best e-learning course I've ever taken."

– Test Prep Pros member

"The decision for my daughter to work with Jen Rosier from PrepU was one of the smartest parental decisions I’ve ever made."

– Sheila, Parent
A Message From Jen
I could not be more excited to present Test Prep Pros to you all. I have spent thousands of hours on this program and had many sleepless nights for one reason: I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that this program will transform your Tutor Doctor business. Being a Tutor Doctor owner myself, I know the struggle and burden of constantly finding new clients. Test Prep Pros will help you 4X your customer lifetime value and build lasting relationships with families in a way that traditional in-home tutoring cannot. I just can’t wait to see you what you will achieve with Test Prep Pros. The sky is the limit, guys, and I am here to help you every single step of the way. Let’s DO THIS!
Jen Rosier, Founder, PrepU & Test Prep Pros


Everything you need to tap into the highest-margin market in academics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in monthly installments instead of one time payment?

Yes, please click here to checkout using 3 monthly installments, if you prefer to do so.

How do you access Test Prep Pros?

After purchase, you will get an email granting program access on September 1, 2019 (course launch date). You will create a username and password to access all exclusive content on a learning management platform.

I'm already so busy as it is. How much work does this program really require to start making sales?

This program is literally built for you, the busy Tutor Doctor franchisee. The beauty of test prep is that it a natural continuum of the services we offer and feeds future enrollments for academic  tutoring in college and professional tests. The e-learning takes only 3 hours to become an expert, and the resources will save you MONTHS of time. We would not be surprised if you close your first sale in one to two weeks. 

How long will it take to complete the program?

The 8 modules of the e-learning course needed to complete your certification will only take you about 3 hours to complete. However, we recommend a series of action steps to set your business up for test prep and for launching specific campaigns. The beauty of the program is that you can go guns blazing and launch every campaign we teach, or you can make some small changes to the way you handle clients. Either way, your sales and profitability will grow.

I have a few ECs. Do I need to purchase a license for each of my team members?

Nope! A maximum of 4 employees or contractors may complete the program at no additional cost to you! If you have more than 4, just reach out to us, and we’ll create a custom discounting package for you.

Doesn’t Home Office already provide marketing materials for test prep?

Yes. Home office has a few limited pieces for test prep. Test Prep Pros includes marketing pieces such as fliers, trifolds, postcards, social media posts, email marketing templates, even web page templates! The pieces are designed to position you as a true expert and demonstrate the value of your service.Just follow our marketing calendar (that is handily shared with you via Google cal) and you have a complete test prep marketing strategy.

I’m not from the US. I only get calls for test prep every once in a while. Is this program for me?

That’s because you are not actively demonstrating expertise or cultivating this revenue stream.   Armed with expertise in the exams, you can ask every family you consult with about their future goals- and if these goals include college in the US(along with 1 million plus in 2018), you’ve got an up sell on your hands! Two other notes: parents who send kids to school in the US have disposable income and are ready to invest. If you DO want to cultivate this revenue stream, targeting these customers is easy by identifying US bound college athletes and English  language high schools.

What if I can’t find test prep tutors?

Part of the program is access to the Prep Experts training/orientation program. Depending on your business model, local laws and attorney’s advice, you can either refer your tutors to the program or enroll them in it. We also provide a complete guide for recruiting and selecting potential test prep coaches.